Friday, August 10, 2012

Kenya, a Gold Medal Journey

While our Jamaican countrymen swept aside all the other runners in the 200 meter final on Thursday, it was the world record set by Kenya's David Rudisha that caused quite the stir as well. So much so that Usain Bolt cut short an interview celebrating his own Olympic gold so he could stand attention during Rudisha's medal celebration.  A great show of sportsmanship, unlike the pouting fest we've seen others display.

So in honor of Mr. Rudisha's spectacular accomplishment, we thought we'd whisk our minds away to his country this weekend.
Rudisha is a member of the Massai tribe.
national geographic

national geographic
Mount Kilamanjaro

Via  Masai Mara Safari, Kenya.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

A beautiful place wouldn't you agree?
I can't make it to Kenya this weekend, but I'm taking Debbie's advice and finally taking a weekend off. I'm mentally and physically drained. The hubs and I will be making a quick getaway, right up the Florida coast.
Here's to an amazing weekend for all - with great displays of sportsmanship as we close out these Olympics.

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  1. Amazing photos! I beautiful place indeed. I am still dying t go to Africa....anywhere would be fine with me. Gosh all the color is amazing. I would just love taking photos all day.


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