Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Run Chicken Run. The Ladies Are a Coming.

Ah, it was finally girls night out and we would not be deterred by a little hurricane named Isaac.
We needed to celebrate Sophia's 21st birthday (wink, wink) and the end of a very challenging design project for moi (yay, yay, yay).
So after hours of scrutinizing the weather channels, bemoaning the fact that our favorite Dominicana, Sandra T., would not be joining us, and being certain that the storm wouldn't hit until Sunday, we headed down to South Beach to the world famous Yardbird restaurant.
Let's just say, it was worth it, worth it, worth it.

We started off with drinks of course, along with these amazing fried green tomatoes, topped with pork belly and a pimento spread. Yep, we died, and went to heaven with this treat. And this was only the beginning. 

Okay, since we are all on some sort of diet, we decided to order the mango salad to prepare for the upcoming calorie attack.

 Lord have mercy! I told ya about the calorie attack! Shrimp and grits, friend chicken and waffles, pork flank steak with fried grits and fried pig ears. OMG, so freaking good those ears! Who knew?

We squeezed in a photo in between our attack of the amazing dishes, and before our amazing waiter Julian, needed to roll us outa there. Man were we stuffed! But we tucked in our tummies and prepared for dessert. Come on, forgive us. We were celebrating some major milestones for God's sake.

Hands down, the best peach cobbler I've ever had.

Not sure ya'll know this, but I'm a bit of a foodie and a stalker of those made famous by Top Chef. Moi with Jeff McInnis, Yardbird's executive chef and co-owner, and al alumnus of Top Chef Miami. I have similar cheesey-grin shots with Richard Blais of Flip Burger, and other Top Chef alums. I know, I know. Slightly obsessive. But it could be worse...Happy to report that I went back to my diet on Sunday. Yummy, yum, yum those almond snacks.


  1. Love it! Wonderful meal with wonderful company! We missed you Sandrita!!

  2. Had an amazing time. Maybe we can go there for my birthday this weekend..wink wink..No Niks my birthday is not in November, that's my emancipation day...the day I was emancipated from the womb...LOL


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