Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's In the Pocket.

A pocket door to me, is one of the most underrated tricks of a well designed space. To say I love em is well, an understatement. I've installed them in most of my recent projects. It's an amazing solution when space is at a premium and you want to maximize the limited square footage you're working with, or if wish to just avoid having a door open awkwardly i.e. right smack into towel bar (bathroom) or into a cabinet (kitchen). They are also a great way to open up a connection to an adjoining space, just like that, two rooms have become one. Check out these amazing rooms and their equally amazing pocket doors.
dining rooms - black glass pocket doors glossy black dining table taupe dining chairs  Contemporary dining room with glass pocket doors, glossy
kitchens - x-back cafe chairs white kitchen cabinets soapstone counter tops glass pocket doors gray walls  Gorgeous kitchen design with glass

No ugly duckling these doors, they are things of beauty in their own right.

Get the Look:

  • You'll need to check that the wall next to your existing door has the same width or more i.e. it can accommodate having the door slide within.
  • Do be sure to have a licensed electrician remove any existing outlets/switches and relocate them as needed.
  • The pocket door frame for most doors (standard 30"w x 80"h) costs about $100 at Home Depot. The doors themselves range from about $50 to a few hundred depending on size, solid wood vs. hollow etc.... 


  1. I LOVE THEM.....Your examples are absolutely gorgeous!!! I want them all!!!

    1. Ha, so do I! Those things are a gem or a creation. But I think my favorite has to be that curved door. Have never seen such a pocket door. Clever usage and stylish at that.

  2. I love them too....strange how they aren't used too much lately no? I'm glad you are pointing out their benefits.

  3. I love them too! Great space saving solution.

  4. ooohh, these are great pocket doors! beautiful! thanks for the vivid hue love! I'm your newest follower!

  5. Pocket doors are the best! The reason they are not used is you need to frame the walls surrounding the opening to accommodate for the doors and most remodels can't be retro fitted for a affordable and practical amount so only new construction is where you will see pocket doors used.


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