Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Pop-Up Store Reveal

Our pop-up store adventure started in the historic Moore Building in Miami's Design District. The architectural details are simply stunning so our design would need to be as simplistic as possible.
Simple too, since when you're involved in a campaign event, there is no budget i.e. no funds to purchase anything! A challenge was created. This meant Asanyah and I needed to pull items from our own inventory and borrow from friends.

These frames were among the items we used from Asanyah's own array of items. I spray painted them over the weekend. I'm not the biggest DIY chick - I simply don't have patience! But occasionally I does what I gotta do.

And here we are. A store is created.

 The carpet is Flor tiles, left over from this recent office makeover. I say leftover, but in reality the client hated it and since it was too late to return them, he handed them over to moi. It was an amazing gift that I knew would come in handy one day. Aren't they perfect? The coffee table and vases are from my home and the red trays had been purchased years ago for a Valentine's day party.

Remember those frames? Well here they are, framing some amazing scarves from the runway to win collection. Unfortunately the scarves have since sold out. The mirror and red side table are from Asanyah's home. Table with the horse legs from my former business partner Ralph, at Oasis IED who was gracious enough to help us out that day (I owe him two pots of Jamaican stew peas for sure). Lamps, trays are from moi.  

Asanyah killed it with this design. The skirt was made from fabric I sourced last weekend for just a $1 a yard from Arnold's Fabric, one of my favorite stores. The top is actually a scarf by designer Yigal Azrouël also in the collection, and the leather belt is from Asanyah's own wardrobe. All items from the store can be purchased at the Runway to Win online store. All proceeds from each item goes directly to the campaign.
We used two of these Ikea shelving units for obvious reasons - loads of space to stock all the items for sale. Many thanks again to Ralph and Khadeen of Kreativ Myndz for loaning them to us. Yes, those are tees for your favorite pup - I Bark for Obama. Priceless. I got one for my friend Sophia's little pup, the Lady, Shady McNasty.


Of course, I couldn't let the night go by without sampling all the amazing food donated by some of Miami's finest chefs - ya'll know I'm a foodie at heart! I passed on all the liquor since I needed to be at the day job at 8 a.m. the next day. Yep, it was madness.
mushroom grits.jpg
All foodie photos courtest of the  Miami New Times
michaels slider.jpg

chefsforobama sugarcane.jpg

Me sizing up the treats from the amazing chefs from Chef Creations Catering. Their tomato gazpacho soup was amazing! 
Chef Aria Kagan from the Next Food Network star showing her support - in a big way!
It was a 15 hour day for moi and by the end of the night let's just say my feet had had it. 
Still, we had an amazing time. Thanks again to the Miami-based host committee to re-elect President Obama for having us. Thanks too to several of my clients who have been waiting patiently for me to be done with this event so I can finalize theirs! You guys rock! 


  1. FABULOUS!!! The shady lady and I both bark for Obama! The shoes are pretty awesome too :)

    1. You need an agent for that pup. She is so camera ready. I love these shoes as well but they are sooooooo not meant for a long night. lol

  2. Wish I could have stayed for the event itself. My students get antsy waiting to take their finals. Had a blast working together, probably the most time we've spent together since this year started:-)

    1. haha, maybe you should have had them do their finals at the event! Had a blast as well lady; it's been a hot minute.

  3. waosers!! You did an UNBELIEVABLE job!!! It looks should be on HGTV :)

    What a success!

    1. HGTV? whoa, lady, that's a tall order! But had a blast. No idea how we pulled it together with a budget of zero but hey, sometimes we work miracles around here.

  4. Awesome! You guys did a fantastic job putting this together, I absolutely love everything about the back wall with the horse leg table! Me and all three pooches bark for Obama, I may need to make an investment in those shirts :)

    1. Love that horse leg table as well. Three pooches? Nice. You would all look fab in some gear for sure.

  5. You did an amazing job!!! Love the shoes too.

    BTW, I reverted back to word verification because I was getting a lot of spam! I think my email was hacked because of it too. I totally get how annoying it is though. Any suggestions?

  6. There were reasons we were drawn towards each other, this being a big one Mid-Century Modern furniture another. We are going to see Bon Jovi today at U of Iowa free concert for Obama...they (Obama and Bon Jovi) have a mutual admiration! You are awesome for all you are doing....

  7. This space transformation is absolutely stunning!


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