Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Occassional Confessions

Hey folks,
Just checking in today to share a few things that have been happening in my world.
  • Losing weight when you're inching closer to 40 - yikes, I cannot even believe that number! - is harder than I thought. It's been over a month since I confessed my weight loss struggles and I haven't lost much. I stopped working out routinely (I eat so much when I do). Instead, I've been using My Fitness Pal to help me track and keep my calorie intake to just 1200 a day. THAT IS HARDER THAN YOU THINK! Results? Nothing earth-shattering just yet. I haven't been on a scale (don't like em), so I don't know exact numbers. What I do know is that a few items seem to fit a little better than they did a few months ago. I'm far from the weight I long to be, but I'm hanging in there and feeling much better about myself.
  • The 'lil man started daycare and ya'll know by now that I cried like nobody's business. So hard to leave him in the care of complete strangers! Well, I wasn't happy with a few things I observed at the daycare so I frantically scoured the town for another place and he started a new place this week. Please, please let this work out because my heart can't handle it anymore. I now see why so many working moms throw in the towel and stay at home if they can. It is not easy.
  • We have been blessed this year with a whopping roster of projects and many more to do. But with that comes some insane burnout. I am exhausted to my core. 
  • To that end, we're gearing up for a return trip to Negril in a few weeks and we CANNOT wait!
  • I'm obsessed with Fashion Kids on Instagram and Facebook. Stylish kids. Killing it.

  • I make a list of everything I need to get done. And I mean in a good old fashioned notebook. Just something immensely pleasing about scratching an item off a list that I can't get enough of.

  • I'm down to one can of Red Bull a day. Major, major feat! 
  • Grandma is back in DC and the hubs and I are now juggling this parenting thing all by ourselves. No more cushion. It's been a challenge  with my husband's intense schedule, and then there's moi with the  day job and a business to run, but we're learning everyday how to balance it all. Date nights will now be dinner for two at our dining table when the kid's asleep. I tip my hat all the way to single parents. No easy task this parenting. At all. 
  • Major confession here: I've thought often about quitting this blog. I've made some amazing friends here, and have been inspired by the incredible business smarts of so many bloggers, but truthfully, there are days when I obsess that I don't spend enough time checking out other blogs, days when I worry too much about gaining more followers; worry about why did these posts get so many comments, but this one got zero? What should have been a fun venture, has at times felt like a full-time job and that's overwhelming, especially when I'm trying to balance the blog with being a newly wed, a new mom, work, the business, clients and maintaining the other social media sites. Is this just the rookie blogger blues? Or did many of you struggle in the first year to keep at it?
  • Despite all that, I'm thankful for my blogging partner extraordinaire Debbie, who is able to pick up the slack and keep us going, and who  cracks me up with her silly antics/emails to still make this fun. Huge shout out to all the blogging duets out there.
  • And lastly, one of my favorite New York Times writers, who was also my favorite college professor, sent me an unexpected note via Linked In last night. He was blown away/proud that I'd somehow managed to merge my two professional loves of writing and design into a thriving business. It was a reminder to me, to keep on keeping on, and to be eternally grateful for some amazing blessings. 


  1. You are one buys lady! A super woman if you is hard to do the blog, business,! That is why Julie decided it wasn't for her. I get it and The thought crosses my mind all the time.....the main question is what are you getting out of blogging? if its something good and real then try and can also scale down and just post twice a week....that might help. I was told by an experienced blogger it is better to post less but better quality than every day with so so quality. Just an alternative. rush...its hard period. little guy at daycare- I bet he loves it by now...he is learning so much and socializing all good life skills! Keep crossing off those to dos!

  2. OMG those kids are so cute!! So fashionable. Your little boy is so cute, I don't know how I would handle leaving him either. It's all just a part of the growing pains I suppose. Best of luck in whatever you end up doing, all though, I hope you do not stop blogging.

  3. One day at a time, one post at a time. Scale back with the blogging. It is all so silly anyway. As for the weight, the less you obsess about it, the easier it will be. Be kind to yourself. OK, I need to talk about that seriously stylish girl in the blue double breasted jacket. She is striking the pose, and is owning it. Love her.

  4. Those kids are adorable.
    Don't worry about blogging. Enjoy have a great job and a fantastic business....

  5. Thanks ladies for some great advice. One day at a time, one post at a time it is. And yes, those are some stylish kids. That double breasted jacket is as fierce as it gets. Cheers to a fab weekend.

  6. You forgot to add best officemate to the list. It takes a special person to listen to my musings on honey boo boo all day!
    Also, I'm certain that little man's salmon and seersucker combo will totally get him on fashion kids!!!

  7. You put me to shame I've been complaining about reaching 30 and going on a weight loss journey over at Deliciously Happy and here you are 40 and doing it. I'm on MFP too. How fun.

    1. Hey Jordan, not quite 40 yet! but i'm hanging in there. thanks for stopping by


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