Friday, November 9, 2012

Cheers to the Freaking Weekend and More.....

Two hands in da air if you're happy it's Friday! Three hands in da air if you're glad the elections are ova and your phone is no longer ringing off da hook with campaign calls - though I gotta say, it was kinda cool to hear Alonzo Mourning, Serena Williams and Magic Johnson on my voicemail! 
Any who, as always, we have lots to be grateful for in our neck of the woods. 
We're installing this guestroom/office this weekend and yikes, I still have so much shopping to do to finalize that. Lord help me. 
I'm finalizing fabric selections for the sectional in this awesome family room project.
lol. So much has already changed since this initial design.

Not our exact sectional, but pretty close and it'll be a left hang chaise as shown here, and not the right as shown in the rendering.
Our tropical inspired holiday design board is also causing a buzz over on Olioboard. But we need a LOT more votes to help us win this challenge so please click away and vote for us and spread the word! We promise there will be no long lines and unlike our beloved Florida, your vote will be counted on time. 

    Tropical Christmas
The little man is again feeling under the weather. Congested once again. Sigh. I swear daycare is a recipe for illness times 10. But he was pleased as punch to get his first Miami Heat gear, a gift from my amazing boss and his equally amazing girlfriend, who as you can imagine, are sports fanatics.

He'll suit up next week for a sports themed day at the school. Pictures to come of course!
And after weeks of not running into the teacher who caused this shit storm,I finally saw her last Friday. I'd already had my angry Jamaican mama chat with the Director about braiding his hair without my permission, and her using God knows what comb to do such styling.
The teacher was apologetic and insisted she meant no harm and conceded that she had crossed the line and would consult with us first should she wish to practice her hair styling techniques on our child. We are now all good. He'll be moving up to her class in a few weeks once he is walking confidently on his own. Any tips on that fellow parents? He only walks unassisted when we're not looking! Drops to the floor and crawls otherwise.
Any who, have an amazing weekend. We're sending lots of love and warmth to Linda at My Crafty Home Life and all my peeps in the Northeast.   
P.S. If anyone knows what the heck is up with Blogger and the craziness that we've endured with each post this week, please send me a holla? Especially if you have a solution!
Thank you, merci and mucho gracias!


  1. Nicole, Debie
    I love grey sofá is beautiful. I love your blog. You have a New follówer from chile

  2. Good luck with your installation. Heading over to Olioboard now to vote. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your posts, more like sitting and having a chat with you. Have a great weekend. Lynne

  4. Aww, thanks girls! Yes, happy about all of the above. I didn't get those calls, and I am sad. I must be registered under Independent? Without power, now its back, our phone was not working. I just clicked over and voted for ya. I am also putting your blog on my side-bar. Wish I lived in Florida....for about 7 months a year. My kids were sick all the time from day care, but the good news is, they almost never get sick now.


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