Friday, March 15, 2013

A Master Bathroom Gets a Wacking

So we're in the midst of many projects, among them the master bathroom renovation for the amazing client, Doris. She's one of my long term clients whose home I've been renovating slowly over the years. We featured her kitchen, son's bedroom, and kids bathroom.
Here's what's cooking now.
Last week, we gave her bathroom a good ass-whooping. It was demo madness in full effect. Can you tell I love demo day? Definitely a great way to relieve some stress. Hehe.

Then we settled on this swoon-worthy vanity.

It is to die for! I first sourced it online and then stumbled across it when I happened into one of my favorite vanity shops The Home Design Outlet Center.  And guess what? It was $500 cheaper than what I'd found it for online. Winning.
This weekend we need to select the tiles. Here are the three options:

Lord, this is a tough one. We're definitely using a large white tile as the main tile, but we're a bit stumped on the accent tile. I'm loving all things Greek Key these days so option 1 is looking good. Such a classic. But you know I love me a contemporary glass tile, and a back shower wall in that glass mosaic would be a jaw-dropper for sure. But that last combo makes my heart skip a beat. Just seems timeless and seems like it was made to have that vanity in its midst.
Which would you pick? Help us out here peeps. A decision must be made.
And oh, TGIF! Here's to a fab weekend.


  1. The Greek key!!! please!! its insane! beautiful! I can't wait to see the have the best reveals! And thanks so much for your sweet comment yesterday! You are the bestest lady!

  2. Lol. The Greek key it is. Love that tile. And no thanks needed. You know you're among my blogger faves. But what a sweet tale that was yesterday. So, so inspiring.


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