Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hooray! Our Family Room Reveal

Here we are at last, with the family room reveal for our dearest client Jina, affectionately dubbed, Miss Whatever.
If you're a long time follower of this seasoned one year-old blog - yikes, we need to celebrate that milestone - then you know all about Miss Jina's wonderful home. If you don't, then check out all the reveals here, here and here.
She is a patient one, and so for this project we would take our time. She started this design phase last October.
After sharing some design inspirations and signing off on a plan, we headed out to shop for the key element in the room. The sectional. As in most of our furniture jaunts, she would fall in love with the first item we found, which would mean circling back hours later to our first stop to pull the trigger.  This would be a custom order. Again, Jina is never in a rush and seemed perfectly okay using her fold out chairs. And there was a snafu. A few weeks after placing the order, we found out that the fabric we'd selected had been discontinued. I think I popped a grey hair when that news came. Since Jina works out of town, her mom and I were trusted to select the new fabrics on her behalf. I gotta say, sometimes those problems turn out to be a blessing in disguise because we all adore the new fabric and pillows.
Okay, enough chatter, here's where we started when we first saw her home a year and a half ago.
Bare walls, some water damage, vertical blinds, a sad pendant light. Need I say more?

Here's where we are today.
The sectional was to be the main anchor of the room and we needed to load up on seating options because Jina and her family are BIG party throwers. I mean, seriously, they throw parties just because the sun is out. They are serious about working hard and playing hard. The banquette area provides additional seating and is quite possibly my favorite area of the space (I'll share that full reveal on Thursday, including a great trick on achieving a custom banquette for half the price).

The deep charcoal grey of the sectional would need loads of color to bring it to life. Since I'd used orange accents in the adjacent kitchen and foyer, I wanted to pull that into this space as well. I also learned from a conversation with her mom that Jina loves purple so decided to work that in with the curtains. Now, y'all know I've never met a color I'm afraid of, and am often asked how to use bold colors. The key is balance. These are two bold color choices that work because there are plenty of shades of grey throughout the room - on the walls, rug, sectional - so they would definitely complement each other and not overwhelm the space.

This coffee table is really a bench, which will again provide more seating for those parties I mentioned. I've styled it with fun mementos - Jina is following in her mom's lead with her love of orchids, she loves to cook so this cookbook by chef Hugh Acheson about Southern cooking will be a great read. The mini globe is a nod to her love of travel. The tray serves double duty as decor item and holder of many dinner plates to come.

Every sectional/sofa needs a warm throw to snuggle up with. This one from West Elm will definitely be used.The framed art are photos of the various cities of her family roots: Maine, Bahamas, Jamaica and Kentucky.


Those side tables need love too. These nesting tables have an interesting geometric detail on the side that I fell in love with. The orange candles are a nod to her alma mater, FAMU. This "Thumbs Up" item is my little shout out to her for getting the home of her dreams, and for allowing me to design said home.  The lamps were another great find from Home Goods.

The curtains are from Ikea but embellished for a custom look. Y'all know how much I love to embellish a curtain. My trusty drapery team added a black banding at the bottom, joining the two with a herringbone piping.
Last but not least, this sleek media console also serves double duty as a place to showcase some cool sculptures and family photos.  It's flanked by two x-leg benches, more seating for you know what. Huge shout-out to our area rug who won the battle of the area rug contest! Its graphic detailing adds some interest to the floors and is a great foil next to the white console and dark sectional. The artwork from local artist Phil Fung is the first in her collection that we plan to grow over the years. 

That's all folks. Thanks again to Jina for being such an amazing client and for giving me SO much latitude in selecting her finishes and key pieces.  Eternally humbled. Kudos too to the NWD team for pulling out all the stops to get this one done.



  1. It looks so fab! I love all the hits of orange, especially the tray. Very 'hermes' if you will.

  2. Happy one year, ladies! The room looks great! Love the bench.

  3. You pulled off a WINNER for sure!
    The mix of strong colors is amazing......love the detail with the drapery panels, and the pillows on the sectional completely pull it off!!!!

  4. As usual I love it and love the explanation of all the pieces - who knew! So what's next?!?

  5. Wow! Talk about a great before and after! LOVE the table and seating. Can't wait to hear more about it!

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  7. What a transformation! I love the pops of orange and purple and that area rug is stunning. The drum shade and unique ceiling fan really caught my eye.

  8. Hooray doesn't even begin to describe it!! It is fabulous and well worth the wait! Many congrats! You are making this world a more glamorous place one room at a time! xx

  9. Gorgeous! What a transformation! Love the details, furniture choices, colour, everything!


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