Monday, July 15, 2013

A Verdict. And Pain.


I can't imagine what the parents of Trayvon Martin must be feeling at this moment. They've lost their son, twice. Once by a bullet fired by George Zimmerman, a man intent on "playing" the role of a police officer. They lost him again when our justice system agreed that that man, who profiled him, stalked him and ultimately killed him, was not responsible for his death. Only one person on that street had a gun that night.
It was a painful verdict to swallow, the thought that once again, no value had been placed on the life of a young black man.
I snuggled up to Xavier that night and held him tight all night, protective, hopeful that I'll be able to shield him from the harshness of this world, the unfairness that we can't seem to shake as a nation.



  1. I couldn't believe that this was the verdict. It was a sad day for the family of Trayvon Martin, as well as those of us still clinging to the hopes of living in a nation of justice. I hear so many say, "look how far we've come" but we've only taken a few steps in a very long journey to overcoming the hate in this world.

  2. It just disgusted me. I didn't expect that. I at least expected manslaughter. But one day he'll have to answer to God. It almost turned a wonderful saturday going to benihana and bastille day festival to something bitter and filled with anger. I just hope that any more protests continue to be peaceful and that his parent's and loved ones can soon find some sort of closure.

  3. Good post. I posted a link also on my blog in memory of Travyon Martin. Peace Be Still. God has the final answer.

  4. I feel the pain too and I just think that the system and law is BROKEN. Trayvon was the one stalked and threatened in the first place, I just don't understand how anyone can just walk away with murder like that....


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