Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Double the Pleasure: One Chair, Two Fabrics

Since you guys raved so much here about this awesome idea of using two different fabrics on one chair, I figured I'd turn it into a series. Nothing formal, just an occasional nod to this awesome way of turning up the "accent" in accent chair. If you have a chair that fits the bill just send me photos (before and afters would be great) with some background info and I'll feature it here. That simple.  
So remember these chairs we revealed here from this recent project?


Well if you follow me on Instagram you know they used to look like this.

As much as I loved the floral print and the feminine charm of said floral, I knew this chair had the potential to be a bad-ass. When choosing the fabrics you'll combine, think of the overall design in the rest of the space. For example, since this was going in a room already heavy in pink, I thought it was okay to use pink here only along the piping. I considered greys and black fabrics, and I wrestled with the two options for a while. In the end, I thought the black would be a bit too harsh for the space and opted for a grey and white striped on the back as a bold statement to see when you enter the living room, and a solid grey on the front (I did have the chairs refinished in black which was a solid complement to the other colors). A simple pink pillow added the finishing touches. 

If you're not sure about this approach, buy half a yard or so of the fabrics you have in mind, drape them over the chairs and live with it for a few days before you commit. 

And there you have it, two chairs that now make a grand statement on their own, with two bold fabric choices. Can't wait to see how you guys have done this on your own chairs or for clients so send along so we can feature. 
Just shoot me an email with your photos at: nicole@nwdesigninc.com


  1. omg I want those chairs in those colors!! my favorite project of yours yet!

  2. I was just SO blown away by these chairs and this space. Love the new series idea!!!

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  3. Those chairs are awesome and so is the space!!!

  4. I love it! You did an outstanding job on it! The room is just beautiful.

  5. what a transformation!! I love them...especially that red piping! I love the entire room! You are so talented lady!!

  6. Looking forward to this new series! You know how I love my chairs. Great work, lady!

  7. love the grey n white. Still packed a graphic punt like black and white would, but it doesn't overwhelm or distract. Great choice! Love the touch of pink piping too. That gallery wall is so well done! Love it and of course the rest of the space is beautiful!

  8. Wow! It's just outstanding. I love this post. Carpet Cleaning Brentford

  9. The transformation is absolutely gorgeous! I love what you did! They look awesome. Thanks for sharing your story on my blog today. The insight was amazing and appreciated :)


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