Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Hollywood Regency Inspired Space

When I first met with our client, Donna, her living and dining room were in no way reflective of her super fly, lover of all things luxurious and fabulous personality.
She'd spent a pretty penny on some items i.e. this red leather sofa and love seat, curtains and dining table but they were all sorely outdated.
At first she fought to keep the red sofas. I of course balked. I mean, yes, I can work miracles but designing around those red pieces would be a CHALLENGE. 
We would also need a decent budget to get things done properly, and so red sofagate aside,we suspended our design chats for a while.
A few months later Donna called to say she was ready to get the ball rolling, and that she'd decided to end her love affair with the red sofas! Music to my ears! 
Here's where we started:

Once we cleared that hurdle, we then hit paint-gate. I'm a color fanatic and usually nail my selections with clients with the first selections. Ms. Donna however, was the first client in my ten years of doing this to ever labor so much over paint choices.  Don't believe me? See all the options we soncidered over on our Instagram page. Let's just say she spent a pretty penny on paint samples. We settled on a this grey. But she wavered on my push to use blue as an accent wall and considered yellow. I did the designer push back i.e. no, I really see a blue wall in this design. We finally settled on some a blue she could live with. 
Anywho, without further ado, here's how she's living these days. 

Hard to remember that red sofa right? Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a grey tufted sofa with a velvet piping that Donna stumbled across online after we'd been sourcing for days. I'm usually against having clients purchase a major piece like a sofa online, but since my heart skipped a beat when I saw it, I gave it my blessing. It is really a show-stopper, especially against our accent wall. 

Okay, let's talk about those drapes. Donna's home, like most relatively new construction homes in Florida, have ceilings with mixed heights - soaring 20+ ft. ceilings with regular 8 ft. ceilings. We could have placed the curtains just above the windows on those high walls as she had done previously, but I always say go for the gusto when you have such high ceilings. Emphasize those high ceilings, even if it means spending a bit more on custom window treatments. 
To balance the cost of making and installing these beauties, I sourced fabric at Arnolds Fabric, my favorite bargain fabric store. I paid just $3 a yard for the white fabric used (we needed a LOT) and just $10 a yard for the black velvet, which I wanted added to play off the black velvet piping of the sofa. 

Of course we needed some large pieces of art for those high walls and no better budget friendly place to score those than Ikea. Can't believe the mammoth pieces they sell for under $100.

 Donna travels a lot so I settled on art and accent pieces that would highlight her love of travel to some especially fab cities. What girl doesn't love New York and Paris? Scored that mini typewriter accent piece at Home Goods, my go to source when on a budget. Those X-leg side tables can also serve as extra seating if need be. 

Lord these accent chairs. Another Home Goods steal. Ditto these peacock pillows and our geometric rug. Secretly, I kinda want a dress that looks just that peacock's plumage. Hmmm...I think Home Goods should make me a VIP shopper. I honestly spend way too much time there and always score some amazing pieces. 

I layered this Zebra print tray within another tray to add some fun and depth to the coffee table. And loved the sense of serenity this Buddha piece brought to the space. And of course I had to add a real plant. Y'all know my thoughts on that.  

Let's not forget the entryway. It started off like this:

And now looks like this....

Definitely not a fan of run of the mill closet doors in the entryway, so slipped on my DIY hat and added this treatment to some regular old bi-fold doors. I'll share a tutorial on that next week. 

Things were equally dark over in the dining room. 

Since the two rooms are connected, we needed to continue the colors throughout and marry the two spaces. 

I definitely wanted another color layered in the mix and yellow - Donna's wish for the accent wall - seemed perfect. Scored those amazing lamps at Target and that rug online at
Donna had also scored the buffet on clearance at City Furniture (it pays to have an inside source!) and it was the perfect touch of glamour we needed for this room. 

Since the ceiling in the dining room is a different height, I modified the design of the curtains a bit to give some emphasis on the top, since they would be more visible than the top of the curtains in the living room. 

Can you tell I'm in love with these lamps? And everything atop this buffet? 

The amazing Shaggy sanded and refinished her existing table to give us this glossy black stunner of a dining table. I splurged a bit on some fabric from my all time favorite, Designer Discount Fabric, for the chairs and had them reupholstered - in two different fabrics of course. Donna's wish item had always been a bench for her dining room and we scored this one as well from

And there you have it. We wrapped this project in May or was it June? Lord the months are becoming a blur! Huge thanks as always to the team, including the amazing husband and wife team at Titan Decor who never flinch or a bat an eye, even when I modify my curtain designs at the 11th hour and ask to have dining chairs reupholstering and refinished in a day or two! They are some true professionals. 
Holla back? Could you live with such a bold blue wall? Or would you have knocked me over the head, tied me up in a closet and painted the accent wall yellow?


  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love that blue & yellow combination. It's so pretty! I am adoring those peacock pillows. GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Fabulous. Love the way you carried the design of the draperies to the different ceiling heights!

  3. Wow! This room is stunning! I often say I should have stock in TJ Maxx because so much of my home decor is from there. Unfortunatley there isn't a Home Goods close by for me. I am obsessed with the blue walls and the buffet!

  4. this is unreal! the blue and yellow -- yes!!! my favorite combo!

  5. You had me at Hollywood Regency! If the rest of my space looked like this then yes, I could definitely deal with such a bold blue wall. Everything is perfect. And those peacock pillows are the cherry on the sundae...

  6. What the?!! That is an amazing transformation. So glad she ditched the red sofas, her new stuff is killer! All that swanky tufting, PLEASE! Great job :)

  7. I can only say: so happy I found you to see your talent. Such awesome transformation!! Love the sofa, bench, chairs, drapes... all!!
    And yes, the blue is so beautiful!!
    True gifted lady!!
    Keep them coming!!


  8. Everything looks so chic ladies!!! Fabulous job as always!

  9. I absolutely adore this look. I don't think I could handle it in my own home, but it is all gorgeous. I am just picturing my kids' finger prints on that glass buffet and all of the decorative stuff broken on the ground.
    Have you ever thought about incorporating a breakdown of the budget, or is that too personal? I have no idea what these things cost so even an approximation would be helpful.

  10. I absolutely adore this look. I don't think I could handle it in my own home, but it is all gorgeous. I am just picturing my kids' finger prints on that glass buffet and all of the decorative stuff broken on the ground.
    Have you ever thought about incorporating a breakdown of the budget, or is that too personal? I have no idea what these things cost so even an approximation would be helpful.

  11. This room is great! The colors, contrast, and how everything just works together is brilliant!


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