Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post - Our Favorite DIY Project over at Fancy Free Me

banquette final

This little DIY project (well, maybe not so little) is one of my all time faves. I'm dishing about it over at Fancy Free Me, the very fun and fab blog by one Miss Elissa, who is away on a much needed vacay. 
There were two things our client Jina made very clear when I first saw her kitchen: she hated the molding on the cabinets and she wanted a banquette. The talented Shaggy and I dreamed this one up together. You'll just need some store bought cabinets, plywood, wine rack and some paint to have one of these bad boys in your very own space. Go forth and see all the deets over at Elissa's.


  1. A banquette in the kitchen is always a nice touch, but what I love most about this photo are the colour coordinated curtains and pillows... velvet, right? Anyways, love them!!


  2. WOW ~ new to your gorgeous blog so I missed the original reveal. Dynamic after!

  3. Sad, but I love to read about my place over and over! Find new things to appreciate each time.

  4. Oh I do love this one!! So clever! What a fabulous solution!

  5. I love this very much, no to mention that wine storage component. Brilliant!

    Lisa x


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