Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bachelor Pad - Part Two Kitchen

So what do you think happened once we transformed our bachelor's living room from frumpy to swanky? 
The kitchen, with it's all white everything - walls, ceiling, cabinets and appliances - became a glaring eye sore. Our original plan was to wait a few months to tackle this space but Mr. Bachelor had been bitten by the design bug. No, no, no, he said, let's just tackle it now. Alrighty then sir. Let's do this I said. This is where we started: 

There was no budget for a major gut job, and as much as I love to rip things out to renovate kitchens, there was no need for that here. The white cabinets were in great shape and just needed some sexier companions. 
The existing cabinet handles were too small, so new handles were a quick fix.  Since he's rarely home, it means he rarely cooks and so there were some empty cabinets that we decided to convert into wine racks.

Because seriously people, propping a wine rack atop a random table in your living room does not a bar cart make. We clearly needed a solution and thank goodness we found one.


The fabulous Shaggy again worked his magic as he did here for our bachelorette Jina - hmm, should these two meet? We removed the cabinet doors on either side of the microwave, and installed wine lattice to create the racks, which now fits over 30 bottles. Partyyyyy...To further soften up all the white, we painted the ceiling in this color and replaced that pesky white light fixture with six recessed lights - on dimmers of course. Lighting my peeps, is the key to great design. Always, always splurge a little, if you can, to upgrade your lights and place them on dimmers to control the mood.

Hello eating area. Thanks to the mammoth loveseat that once suffocated this area, Mr. Bachelor had never once eaten a meal at this area. It had simply become a place to stash mail and other chotskies but no more. Let the fine dining begin, while seated atop these new white leather bar stools

With a new place to sit, eat and entertain, the sink and leaky faucet became another eye sore. *Sidenote: why do I always forgot to remove my purse/suitcase from these before pictures??? Lord help me.

We updated the sink and faucet with a modern double sink and a very sleek faucet.

Before this transformation, he had no idea what a backsplash was. He's now a huge fan of this simple upgrade of a glass tile backsplash. We did splurge a bit on these new appliances and included a double oven (I love these new options) since the smaller oven was a great way to prepare a quick meal aka a pizza, and free up much needed space on the counter top for the important things like a Keurig coffee maker.

 That's all folks. A somewhat brand new kitchen for our favorite bachelor.

Thursday we'll step outside and check out to his new balcony, which is now kind of a fab space to chill and enjoy these cool Miami nights.  


  1. Oh, I am so in love with this place! And I also saw the living room transformation a while ago, both are amazing! You are so good lady!! Love the bar stools, I could use that exact style for my kitchen!! Go, girl, you're on fire!!

  2. Jaw dropping transformation. A game changer for this bachelor!

  3. While I looked scrolled the pictures first - reading the blog was just as good to get all the good details. And cameo shout out too - oh my. \o/

  4. How perfect is this little place?? He's lucky to have found you!!

  5. really nice :)


  6. What up rock star?! You freaking killed it with that kitchen. Love the balcony too, swanky seating.

  7. Love how seamlessly it flows with the living area. Beautifully done! I don't think he'll be single for lmuch longer! Looking forward to the reveal of the outdoor space.

  8. Great Reveal! You are soooooo talented! If you don't mind me asking, where did the glass backsplash come from? I have all white cabinets too.

  9. Great job!!! I love this "new" kitchen!
    So different and stylish :)


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