Friday, November 8, 2013

Bachelor Pad - The Bedroom. It's a Wrap.

Say it ain't so! But yes peeps, this is the final reveal of our favorite bachelor's now swanky pad. 

If you've been following along, he's gotten quite a few stylish updates to his Miami condo over the past few months. If you missed it, you can read here, here and here. So here's where he'd been sleeping for a few years.

Lots of red - duvet and curtains - and lots of furniture crammed into this bedroom. Much like the rest of the house he'd just gone out and purchased what he thought made sense without much care for style or function. The bookcase and desk became a haven for junk and though he needed lots of storage, dresser took up lots of space and was a doozy to walk by every day. 
Since I knew the dresser would have to go, we sourced items that offered loads of smart storage.

This bed from Room and Board has a large storage drawer and now holds lots of items. Ditto for these trunk-inspired nightstands we found at Modani Miami that offer a total of four deep drawers and storage in the upper half that he uses for items he won't need to get frequent access to since it doesn't have a drawer but needs to be lifted open much like a trunk. 

Simple accessories like a storage box for cuff links and other knick knacks and a photo of his grandfather adorn the nightstands.

While we ditched the dresser, we needed this floating console to store all the media equipment he needed with the newly installed large television. The two drawers again offered more storage. 

Awww how we argued about these lights! Debbie sourced these and we felt it was a great way to add a fun element to the room but at first he balked. No way he said. Then he polled his closest friends who all loved it, and he decided to trust us and the friends and go for it. It is now one of his favorite elements in the space. 
If you'll notice the room now has many lighting options from the fixture, lights we added in the bulkhead and the two lamps. 
Though the room is flooded with natural light by day, it was pitch black at night with nothing but this one sad and lonely lamp you see on the nightstand.
Goodbye red curtains, hello brown silk and chartreuse - pulled from the green foliage in the central park image and ties the space to the living room which also has green throw pillows. Bamboo shades now filter the light as he sleeps in and a similar bamboo shade with blackout lining, now covers the glass door in the room that leads to the patio.

Central Park in New York is by far his favorite place to visit and this custom-framed image was the perfect way to remind him of the park.
All photos by Circle Ten Media

Last but not least, the mattress and pillows are from his favorite hotel, the Four Seasons. A pricey splurge but the man swears they are the most comfortable bedding he's ever experienced and wanted to replicate that feel in his own bedroom. 
Thanks to our amazing bachelor Al, who allowed me to share his makeover with the world - warts and all! Eternally thankful/grateful to have had you as a client sir and thanks even more for that inspiring pep talk encouraging me to spread my wings and leap into this design business on a full-time basis.  
Thanks to everyone for following along here and even more intently on Instagram. The feedback and love has been much appreciated.
So did you have a favorite room in this reveal? Would love to hear your picks.
TGIF and have a freaking fabulous weekend.

Source Guide

Bed - Room and Board
Nightstands - Modani
Light Fixture - Lightology
Rug - Modern Furniture Warehouse
Lamps - Target
Duvet - Overstock 
Mattress/bed linens - Four Seasons Hotel collection


  1. Well, ain't that gorgeous!! It is manly, and so fun with the light!! Yeey for the framed park picture!!

  2. So good and manly. How funny that he was unsure of the light. It looks amazing. I actually thought, wow this looks like a hotel. So great, and why would any of your clients doubt you?

  3. So many beautiful things to look at in here! Love the ambiance- you nailed it. That chandelier is one of my favorites and love the trunk! Congrats on another stellar design job! Have a great weekend.
    xo Nancy

  4. Oooooh posh and cool indeed!! Another great job ladies! I bet other ladies the man of this house brings over will also swoon! ;-)

  5. This is fabulous! He will not be a bachelor for much longer... It's sexy and oozes masculinity!


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