Monday, December 9, 2013

Powder Room Rules and More...

Yay, it's Monday! In my head I wish it were the weekend but hey, gotta give Monday respect. I have a busy week that starts off with an installation today. May the installation Gods be kind and deliver up zero surprises.
This week I'm also over on Houzz dishing about my powder room pet peeves. You know, like that lack of toilet paper or hand soap! What gives people, what gives. I had no idea so many people shared my issues. Swing by to chime in with your own peeve. I was surprised by some of the amenities people insist they must have in that room. Shocking stuff for sure.
The little man is gearing up for his first Christmas play this week. Can't wait! This weekend he stayed up WAY past bed time to help celebrate our favorite bachelor's birthday at one my now favorite Miami restaurants, Pride and Joy and to also check out a bit of the madness of Art Basel. A photographer in town for the festivities captured this very pensive expression. Yes, he takes that back pack everywhere!
Anyway peeps, make it a great day. 


  1. I am so with you--just read your article on Houzz. You would think checking the toilet paper would be the first thing people would do before having guests! That and soap, a trashcan and most importantly a nice fluffy hand-towel, not those thing pretty things you can't use without ruining, lol. Congrats by the way on your Z gallery award--that's fantastic!

    xo Mary Jo


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