Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Renovation Realities

One of the best renovation prep articles I've ever read was featured on Houzz last year. It may hold the record for the feature with the most comments, and with good reason.
I've honestly wanted to print it, laminate and hand to every client who signs on for a major renovation - myself included.
Renovations are a beast, that will test your tolerance for all things. You'll live with dust - everywhere and in every crevice - no matter how many times you clean. You'll get testy with your spouse or significant other, and with your designer and contractor, as the never-ending site of workers, drywall, plastic covers, blue tape and ladders will just annoy the hell out of you. You may shed a tear or two. And chances are you'll be near broke when it's all done. Faulty wiring, rotted pipes, mold are often exposed once walls start coming down. This will mean hefty changes to the planned budget and oh, there may plenty of other hidden nightmares afloat to tax your bank account. Brace yoself.
We've been renovating our own home since May and have experienced every thing mentioned in that Houzz feature. And this ain't my first show at the renovation rodeo. We're making progress as you can see here, here, here and here
But I may have shed a tear, or two. 
I'm taking my own advice to clients - stay focused because when it's all done, you won't remember the renovation pains. It's akin to giving birth. The morning sickness and labor pains are a distant memory once you fall in love with your newborn aka your home.

The very dated kitchen of one of our favorite clients.

The very updated kitchen of one of our favorite clients. We completed this project in 2012.

The point? Before it gets pretty it gets VERY ugly so hunker down and prepare yourself, and trust that your designer and or contractor are often doing as best as they can to see your project through. No one gains when a project drags on and on. How have you prepared for a renovation? Any successful stories to share or tips? We'd love to hear. 
I'll also start a series soon on my own renovation, so you can journey along to see all the changes. 


  1. I'm speechless. I can only imagine how happy the homeowners are!

  2. Big or Small it's a MESS! BUT OF SO WORTH IT!

  3. Hang in there, it will be sooo worth it! Good luck and hope there are no more surprises! xo Nancy

  4. it's a good lesson - but certainly worth the wait - that transformation is incredible!

  5. So true! Thanks for sharing the article on houzz too!


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