Thursday, October 30, 2014

ORC: Week 5 - Home Office Dash To The Finish Line

So this is what happens when it's week 5 of the One Room Challenge! Absolute chaos to get to the finish line....
If you're new to this online reality madness, brainchild of Linda of Calling it Home, I decided to do my home office so we could finally have at least one room completed in our new home.
Five weeks later, my office still looks a hot mess, mainly because we have yet to stucco the new window (oh, last week we decided to install hurricane impact windows) add a window sill, finish the molding on the bookcase unit we rescued from the trash heap etc...blah, blah, blah
But how about we celebrate the little things?
Like the fact that my lil man clearly LOVES the new loveseat. Was all over it today when he came home and saw it all assembled. 

Then our amazing intern, Amanda, continues to kick ass and spray painted the loveseat legs and cabinet pulls for the bookcase in gold.

Gold, does a heart good.
She also tried to make sense of the mountain of books we'll have to organize this weekend to style the bookcase. 


Have I mentioned that the hubby and I love real books? I have never read an E-book? Don't judge. Anyway, here's our styling test run.

So loving the blue on those shelves for sure. Kinda makes the books and accessories sing a special note no? 
So peeps, all this means it'll be down to the wire to finish this weekend to repaint the stuccoed wall, hang art, style, shoot then write an award-winning blog post loaded with all the details and fabulous pics. Sounds insane right? It reminds me of my days of being a reporter on a deadline when ya simply had to hit the send key at the 11th hour, regardless of how poetic or not so poetic the prose.
In addition to this and a bounty of projects to install before the holidays, my little man turns three next Tuesday!
He's kinda obsessed with bowling so methinks a bowling soiree is in order. Planning his birthday soiree and finishing this challenge = a crazy weekend ahead. Wish me luck. Anyway, excited to see this office get completed and equally excited to see what all the other peeps have accomplished - insert side eye glare here because I know a few who are already done, done and done.
See ya next week for the big reveal. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Love, love, love anything gold. That loveseat is fantastic.

  2. Shiz, I know we are related or something because I am still rebeling against e books/kindle madness! I even wrote a post about it awhile back. Give me my real books! Amanda is a keeper!! Lil man has great taste; loving the love seat too! Onto week 6 and what I know will be an awesome reveal! Champagne is already on ice!!

  3. It's looking SO good. And yes gold does a body good. Can't wait to see your final!

  4. Send me that sofa please and thank you!!!!


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