Friday, May 8, 2015

A City Girl's Retreat - The Master Bedroom

Our favorite city-living client Paula D, rests her head in this very bedroom every night. We revealed her living and dining room earlier this week, a space filled with loads of personal flavor, color and light. 

Her bedroom equally reflects her fun and quirky personality. For starters, let's say hello to that sexy lady/piece of art floating around in a field of galactic color above the bed shall we? 

As I mentioned in the reveal of her living/dining room, Paula is lover of books and has an extensive collection, many of which she'll keep handy in her bedroom as well. Now let's chat about this stylish upholstered bed. Paula and I fought a tad about this bed. She wanted an all wood bed, including a wooden headboard, but sometimes, just sometimes, I put on my designer "Oh hell no" hat and stand my ground about certain items. In this case, we had already installed new wood laminate floors and had decided for sure on these awesome mid-century modern inspired wooden nightstands.

So getting a bed of all wood would have easily pushed us into lumber yard territory. Let's just say I believe she's happy with the sass I gave about needing to go upholstered. Her head also thanks me for thinking oh so kindly of its comfort. 

  Hello bed. You are welcome. 

Confession time: Did you notice something amiss about this post? There are  no before pictures of the bedroom! For the first time in my design life, I forgot to take em. You cannot imagine how many photo files we searched all week but alas, I found zero, zip, nada. So just rest assured it was all white and blah with beige carpet blah blah. Just take my word for it or refer to my before pics of the living and dining room to get a sense...


Now back to the scheduled programming. Every respectable bedroom needs a place to sit. If you're tight on space and can't squeeze a chair, please get a small bench or stool. It's not just an extra place for you to sit and chill for a few, but nosy folks popping in to check out your bedroom decor, should not be sitting on your bed. That's just my rule of thumb.

This colorful vignette may be my favorite area of this room. So many happy colors working harmoniously together. The white walls, white dresser and grey floors help to balance out the color party so consider something neutral in the mix when considering how best to mix your favorite colors.

 Sit, read, sip some wine. Repeat. You get the picture.

So let's talk about this awesome white lacquer dresser. I'm usually not a fan of dressers in a room. They can take up so much real estate. But Paula needed extra storage and so there so no sass from me in this round. This piece also wears many hats as a dresser, television stand and all around great place to display some fun accessories.
Simple succulents add so much life to any space, including a bedroom. Low maintenance, and clearly a great backdrop from some jewelry. 

Much like the gallery wall in her living room, this display includes pieces of art and fun pieces she's collected over the years from her many travels. We left plenty of room for her to add more pieces as she sees fit. And that's all folks. Definitely one of our favorite projects of the year, in particular because A. Paula is just kinda awesome and B. she allowed us to do our thing and that my friends, is a recipe for great design. Cheers to a fab weekend!  

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  1. Paula's bedroom is a perfect extension of the living/dining/kitchen. A great happy condo filled with all the things that make it personal.
    Great Job!

  2. Another great room design and client relationship! Love the night stands and your comment about not looking like a lumber yard !!!too funny and so true! Xo

  3. this one was a great ideas for me, thank you for the simple design for room design.


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