Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Renovation Filled With Old World Charm - Part Two

Yay. Here we are finally sharing part two as promised of this project we completed earlier this year. In addition to transforming the living and dining rooms, we updated the guest bathroom and master bedroom.


The guest bathroom was pretty in pink, and yes I know, it was loaded with major vintage charm, but our clients simply couldn't embrace the pink or the awkward features like a door that opened right up against the tub. PS that tub is the real deal and weighed maybe a 1000 pounds. This home is in Miami Shores, one of Miami's most desired neighborhood, but with older homes that also often means very small bathrooms, bedrooms and closets.

We decided to pay homage to the bathroom's vintage charm by starting things off with an updated subway tile in champagne, gold mirror, patterned tile, and brass and black sconces (the sconces went on back order so we shifted gears and went with white and gold sconces instead.

We replaced the pedestal sink with a vanity with storage, a critical requirement in a bathroom that will get heavy usage from family and friends who will visit often.

Door opening into tub? Not cool. We re-oriented the door to open to the left, instead of into the tub as it had previously. We also added a glass panel, instead of a bulky shower curtain, to give the illusion of a larger space.

 And yes, it's okay to mix metals. We do it all the time. Chrome faucet, chrome vanity hardware, gold mirror and sconces.

The master bathroom was already renovated when our clients purchased their home, but the bedroom was in need of some style wattage. It's a pretty small bedroom for a master (the norm with older homes in this neighborhood) but that didn't mean we couldn't make it large with style. 

We wanted an accent wall with wallpaper to add some fun, texture and charm. We needed slender nightstands which meant not much room for bedside lamps, so wall sconces were the perfect solution. 

If you read the previous post, you will know that Brie is the scene stealer though she did share the limelight with Amanda in this pic.  

Though slender, the nightstands have ample storage with two drawers and can fit a basket below to toss reading material and some of Brie's toys.We chose one with a pop of color to add a color to room's neutral tones. 
And there you have it. A full peek at the very first renovation project we started this year. Thanks again to our awesome clients, Laura, Kyle and Brie. They were such a joy to work with and we can't wait to tackle future projects with them.

Get the Look
Vanity: Similar here or here
Sconce: Similar here or here
Mirror: Similar here or here 
Wall Tiles: Home Depot; similar here
Faucet: Home Depot; similar here 

Master Bedroom
Bed: Similar here or here
Night Stands: Similar here or here
Bedding: Target; similar here 
Sconce: Similar here or here 


  1. I agree, mixing metals is awesome! You have done it to perfection!

  2. Such a serene color palette! Love, love! That pop of color from the nightstands in the bedroom is perfect. Fab transformation my friend!!


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