Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Laundry Room - With Purple Drywall

Earlier this year I was invited to spend a few days touring and getting some expert knowledge on the business of drywall. PURPLE® drywall to be exact by the amazing people at  National Gypsum®

Renovations are my specialty, so the geek in me was happy to soak up all the knowledge of this industry along with four other design bloggers. You can read all the fun deets here.   
As part of the campaign, we were offered some drywall to use as we saw fit. I decided to finally build a laundry room. Laundry is my most hated chore, so anything to make me somehow fall in love with it was welcome. Like most homeowners, my washing machine and dryer are on a raised platform in the garage, not the sexiest location, since this often means your neighbors can watch as you air your dirty laundry - literally - if you happen to have the garage door open. 
So yes, definitely time to end all that. I'd make it large enough (11ft. x 6 ft.) to install cabinets and a pantry for bulk items, brooms etc. Yes! This was beginning to make me excited. To calculate how much drywall we would need I simply entered my measurements here:
We selected the PURPLE® XP® because it's moisture and mold resistant , a great fit for a laundry room.

With materials finally on hand, we set out to frame in the space with metal studs. I decided on a 36' door opening to make it easier to install the washer/dryer. I had pesky popcorn ceiling in my garage, which we decided to remove, a messy ordeal but always, always worth it. 

With framing all done, we moved on to the good stuff. Drywall installation. 

Huge thanks to Angel and his brother Gabriel of North Florida Drywall for whipping this all together in just one weekend. 

Shockingly, I behaved just like all my clients! Constantly hovering around as they installed and asking a million questions! And since my drywall installation skills are very questionable - translation: I finished last in the installation competition during my National Gypsum® tour, I eventually hushed and let the experts handle the installation. 

Alert: If your drywall skills are questionable, hire a pro! Your walls will thank ya.


All done. Well, not the fully completed and designed space. I'll tackle that over the next few months. But what a joy it is to have the space all built, and I'm sure my neighbors are happy to see one less pile of dirty laundry being done. 

And  guess what? To motivate you to tackle a small project around your own home, we're be giving away a $100 Visa gift card and a Purple tool bag all from the good folks at National Gypsum®    
Just follow the rules below to enter to win. And good luck! The winner will be announced next week.

Huge shoutout to the DIY bloggers who I met on this campaign - Daniel of Manhattan Nest, Kim of Yellow Brick Home, Justin of Remodelaholic and Sandra of Sawdust Girl and Anitra Mecadon, coolest designer/DIY chick on any network.

*While this post was sponsored by National Gypsum®, all words and details of this laundry room project are by yours truly.


  1. I would also like to tackle my laundry room ! Can't wait to see your completed design ��

  2. Your work is AWESOME! Can't wait to see the finished project :)

  3. Glad you are back blogging regularly...can't wait to share your awesomeness some more.

  4. I'm interested in working on storage solutions for my kitchen and bedroom.

  5. I want to finish remodeling our kitchen.

  6. Dang it I missed the giveaway! But does Angel come to NC because he is CUTE :)


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