Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Black and White Kitchen With a Surprise Pop of Pink - Yum

This is a story about perseverance and faith. 

Our client Janeka has spent the last five years saving and dreaming of her new kitchen. We first transformed her master bedroom here and have done worked on most of her home over the years. But the kitchen was the big spend and she paced herself, something we encourage clients to do often. Wait, save your coins and get it done the right way. 

We hatched a plan. Her dream was white cabinets and since she's a bit of a diva, I knew she'd be okay with bold black accents. But these pink bar stools were the last thing we settled on! We argued about bar stools for weeks, so much so that I had nightmares about barstools and I even ordered some that were clearly made for the tiniest of people on the planet. Anyway, one day while sourcing for another client, these pink beauties popped up and I knew we had a winner. Janeka was sold and the rest is history. 

Tiny people bar stools! No words Target. No words. 

Here's a reminder of where we started. 

Pet peeve: bar height counters. I hate em and always take em out. Always.

Anywho, here's how she's living and entertaining these days. Counter height always for the win. Much more comfortable. 

Janeka wanted a hood and a microwave. I typically do a base microwave when we have a hood, but she hated the thought so we found this happy medium.

This dramatic backsplash was a home run from the start. 
Love. Love and more Love. 

Love the pink and warmth the walnut wooden legs add to the black and white. Again, a win!

No standard cabinet hardware around here. No maam. 

Those black pendant lights and pink barstools though!

Black sinks are my new obsession! We'll be using them a lot this year. Ditto on the black faucets. We love the black/chrome combo. PS, no one ate those cupcakes - lies, lies and more lies :(

Because a girl needs to pair her cupcakes with wine, we created a little wine area in this little corner next to the refrigerator. 

And that's all folks. Another glammed up and functional kitchen for a client fave. 

Shoutout to our photographer Ricardo of RMS Studio Corp and styling genius Amanda at The Homebody Interiors for another fun photoshoot.  

Happy client = Happy designer. Happy cooking Janeka! Thanks so much for allowing us to design another space in your home and please note, we MUST be invited to all your brunches and dinners because ....

~Get the Inspired Look~

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