Sunday, April 8, 2018

We've Spread Our Design Wings To California - Via Virtual Design

I shed a tear when our clients Meagan, hubby Dwayne and little cutie Dylan moved to California almost two years ago. We’d spent years working on their South Florida home here and here but alas, Cali was calling and they were outa here. 

But Meagan was clear that we would still need to work together to bring some glam to their new home, so we decided our virtual design service would be the perfect way to get the project done. 
Meagan sent detailed measurements, photos and videos of her combined living/dining room, foyer and family room and we hatched a plan.

his is where we started. The paint color was fine, but the carpet had to go so we recommended hardwood floors, baseboards and new molding details for all the walls.

The vision was for a soft glam for Meagan, who is quite the fashionista and the queen bee of the home. 

We also wanted to give the soaring walls loads of character so added moldings all around. 

And as always, we recommended window treatments all the way to the ceiling to frame those very awkward small windows some developer thought made sense #nowords

Why sir, why? 

The kind of manic details we sometimes have to send with virtual designs, especially when your client is in a different time zone and we aren't there to oversee the installation. Meagan wanted it all done in a few months, which made me laugh hysterically. I mean, did you see those windows? Finding a trusted work room to make them,  in a new city would take some time. Let's just say those were installed early this year.

Anywho, it's finally all done! And here are all the pretty images Meagan snapped and sent our way. I'm envisioning some very grown and sexy dinner parties in this dining room.  

These black and gold chairs were a splurge but oh so worth it! 

Double pendants for the win, even if emergency chain links from Home Depot were needed to suspend from those tall ceilings! In shocking news, Meagan and Dwayne weren't sure about ghost chairs for the dining room but this is where I had a design diva moment and insisted they had to happen! We needed chairs to balance out the boldness of the black and gold chairs and I also didn't want to completely block the molding details since that's the all everyone sees once they enter the home. Win, win. 

But ooooh lord let's feast our eyes on this living room! Quite the stunner isn't she?  

The mirrored console is the same one we used here in their South Florida home. And Meagan and little Dylan did the artwork that sits above it themselves after I told her it needed some custom artwork. Gotta love clients with that kinda skill!

A stylish yet comfy sofa, paired with two statement chairs - I wasn't sure Meagan's hubby would tolerate these but amen for men who trust the vision!

Because real books are a must in my design world. 

And how fab are these accent chests with extra storage instead of the traditional end table on either side of the sofa. 

 And there you have it folks. One high styling space for a very high styling family. We'll share the family room in another reveal but yes people, this amazing design project all happened via emails, texts and FaceTime! And since most of our followers live out of state, clearly this service is just the option to consider if you love our work, live far away but want us to add our magic touch. 

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