Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Home Is Our New Sanctuary - Two Sisters Have New Bedrooms That Show Why

I know most of us have been going stir crazy because we've been forced to stay indoors until this virus gets under control. Damn you coronavirus! But here's the bright side: having a home that is functional, beautiful, calming and truly reflective of our personalities is a great side effect of this madness. Just ask sisters Nia and Sania, whose parents reached out to us last year to finally separate the sisters who had always shared a room. 
They have very different personalities and their new spaces needed to highlight that. Sanai, the tween, is an adventurous lover of the outdoors. Nia, her teenage big sister, is the quieter of the two and wanted a soft and soothing space reflective of Paris where she's long dreamed of traveling to. The two now share this new swankified bathroom so of course their bedrooms had to level up and be in the same league. 
We'll start with big sis Nia's reveal, who's happy as punch to have the soft and serene sanctuary she's longed for. Here's where we started: 

You can see a video of the bedroom before here

Da Plan

Progress pic of the space as we layered with the molding detail. 

Okay. Enough chatter! Here's the full reveal because that's what you're here for.

And there ya have it folks. The space where Nia has been confined to during this virus scare. Not a bad place to be right? Do you have a favorite element in this space? Please post a comment below and let us know what it is. We'll share little sis Sanai's bedroom this weekend. We are also praying for their parents who are both first responders on the front lines of dealing with this virus crisis. Stay safe everyone. 

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