Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pendant Lights

As I mentioned a few posts back, we're knee deep in a major kitchen renovation. I mean, really deep. As in bringing a decades old kitchen into the 21st century. Popcorn ceiling has been eradicated, drop ceiling smashed to the smithereens, dated cabinets banished to never, never land.  It's now a raw canvass. We're refinishing the walls and ceilings this week, some seriously sexy tiles will be installed this weekend. Woohoo for major progress.
This weekend we scored a major scoop on the pendant lights for the island. Now lemme confess to something ya'll should know about me: I have an inkling for the finer things and so will often gravitate to things that cost a pretty penny. But I also have a knack for finding something that'll be just as stunning at a friendlier price.
My client is already spending a huge chunk of cash on this renovation, so there are some things we have to be smart about and I think we made a smart choice on our pendants. Here's a look at what we both considered until we saw that they all cost $500 to $800 a pop. We need three, and $1500 to $2400 on pendants just wasn't going to happen. Our final selection was an amazing $48 - a steal! Lemme know what you think of our final selection.
The Leeza Pendant

Alina Pendant

The Winner!

Allen and Roth

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