Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wine and Food Anyone?

If you've never made it to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival well, you've never experienced one of the most amazing events on the planet. To be clear, it's a tad pricey - $300 for ticket. Ouch. But, I think it's something you should save and do at least once in your lifetime. When else could you sample endless amounts of the best wines, top shelf liquor and premium cuisine from some of the best chefs, and see and chat with said chefs? It's hours and hours of complete foodie debauchery and can't we all use a little debauchery in our lives? I went a few years ago - when tickets were a lot cheaper thank heavens - and had a blast, though I was severely hungover for a few days. My dearest friend Rosalie had the pleasure of attending this year and managed to stay sober enough to snap us a few photos. From Rosalie's camera to our blog, we bring you a few highlights. Thanks again Rosalie!    

An orchid display with a twist of lemon and lime.

Ah, that coveted ticket!

Top Chef Judge, Mr. Emeril Agassi

Our girl Bethenny's Skinny Girl booth. Word is hubby Jason is even hotter in person. Yum.

The Neelys

I see pork. I see burger. I see what must have been a heck of a burger.  

One hell of a Paella!

Give me wine! And give me more wine!

Shrimp and Grits!

Fabio aka Mr. Boorger

Shrimp tempura with a cream filling 

Octopus anyone?

Some devilish looking mozzarella

Yes, I'll take one large lobster please.

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