Friday, September 14, 2012

No Reservations. No TSA. No Cancellations

It's been raining cats and dogs since Monday, but since we're still in the heart of hurricane season I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Sigh.
Sadly, the forecast for the weekend is more of the same.  I don't know about you, but I hate driving in the rain, plus the more it rains here the more reckless the drivers get. Florida drivers, bar none, are a special breed. 
So this weekend I plan to stay in and veg out. Usually my guilty pleasure would be Netflix or a DVR overload, but this time I plan to cuddle up with a good book or two.  I'm old school, so I still borrow paper backs from the local library...although Nikki did mention that I might be getting a Kindle for Christmas..hint..hint..LOL
Most times cuddled up on the couch, paperback in hand is my gateway to the world of make believe, but after taking a look at these snazzy reading nooks I think I might just need an upgrade. Take a peak and you'll see what I mean. 

Source: via Kacie on Pinterest

                             Source: via Diane on Pinterest

.... and for those nights when the weather is perfect, just add Riesling and Dove chocolates.

What's your rainy day guilty pleasure? Do you have plans for the weekend come rain or shine?

Have a great weekend and be safe.  See you on the flip side.

Debbie B.


  1. Love the daybed with the canopy and the outdoor seating with the firepit. A lot of the kids' soccer and tennis this weekend.
    Be safe!

  2. Love, Love that last image with the sunken fire-pit. My rainy day guilty pleasure is to catch up on watching the CSI series...I am a huge fan of the show. Great weather here, checkout the skies I've posted to my blog. Have a great weekend of relaxation Nicole.

    Lisa x

  3. what great reading nooks....I clove the one outside by the firepit!


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