Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Tickled pink - literally - to be sharing some of my favorite things over on Mimosa Lane this morning.
I stumbled across ML a few months ago while reading one of my other blogger faves, The Aestate and have been addicted ever since. For starters, it's named for one of my favorite drinks, their style was kinda killer and they were a duet blog just like us. Even though she's now flying solo, Albertina has become a true blogger/sista/friend and we chat regularly via email about tostones (friend green plantains to the uninitiated) and all sorts of other bees nees (among her favorite terminologies). Swing on over and see what things have me swooning all the time. Many thanks as always to Shaggy at Circle Ten Media for the amazing photos.  


  1. Thanks for your lovely words!! I'm so excited to have you over today! Your baby is precious...I think he is stealing hearts already!

    1. No, thank you lady. Happy to be featured on your amazing blog. And yes, Xavier is stealing hearts and making grown women blush! we're gonna have our hands full with this one for sure.

  2. Beautiful!!! Xavier is the cutest little kid!


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