Friday, October 19, 2012

Dreamy Home Offices With My Best Friend Craig

Today we're over at My Best Friend Craig, the amazing DIY blog by one of our  blogger besties, Charmaine. She's a DIY maniac and stalker of all things Craigslist, hence the very clever name of her blog.
We've been stalking Charmaine's blog ever since we started blogging a few months ago, and pop in daily to see what she's up to. We rarely have a chance to do any DIY projects so kinda live vicariously through her and her manic ability to transform items she finds on Craigslist. To honor her recent foray into design school, and the need to create a home office, we decided to pay our homage by featuring some fabulously amazing home offices/desks that would make any girl wanna stay home and work as well. Go on over and check her out. And P.S. Happy Friday! Cheers to a fab weekend.


  1. Some good tips for sure!! But I disagree with fake flowers....there is a new generations out there of fake flowers that look and even feel real.....and in some corner they can make a beautiful vignette!! Have a great week ladies.

  2. lol. I know there are pretty good fakes out there but why have flowers that gather dust and without any perfume? I'd just rather have the real thing.


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