Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween for the Grown Kids

So, to be honest I have no idea where the whole madness of Halloween originated. It's not a day we ever celebrated in Jamaica, so Niks and I are sorta clueless about this crazy event. 
We do know that kids go crazy for this day and I'm sure if you ask any kid, Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas and their birthday. But no way should they have all the fun. Halloween should be for grown ups too...minus the trick or treating from door to door of course, cause that's just down right creepy...LOL.
I will never pass up an opportunity to attend an awesome shindig, especially if you're throwing a bash that rivals that of Hef's annual Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion.  Take a peek at some of these grown up Halloween decorations and yes, I'll be on the look out for your e-invite.



Halloween Tablescape by Style Soiree

Now the best thing about any Halloween party is the chance to dress up in costumes.
Dress up as your favorite character in Downton Abbey

Or dress down as you pay homage to Game of Thrones.
Side to The Wire and Entourage this is the best show HBO has ever aired. If you haven't seen it you are truly missing a treat, be prepared to become addicted. Can't wait for Season 3...sigh..March 2013 seems so far away.
Or live it up like the crazies on American Horror Story. 
I would pass on the Black you don't plan on drinking.
For the True Blood fans....
Or go totally old school and Ally McBeal it.

Or mix things up like our dearest Miami friends did here this weekend........
Sophia as madame Flapper, Paula as the Black Swan and I'm pretty sure that is gymnast MacKayla Maroney herself looking very unimpressed.

What are your grown up plans for this Halloween? Or did your grown plans go out the door the minute your kids became old enough to trick or treat?
Have a safe and fun Halloween! 

Debbie B.


  1. Mackayla was NOT impressed. At all.

  2. I don't love Halloween...and I try for my little one to dress in not princessy/commercial stuff......Its crazy here though.....I should have gone around to take photos of the yards with huge spiders, deadly chariots...insane!

  3. hey debbie and nicole! happy halloween ladies! i've been livin it up all month long. hahaha i just like to have super FUN with it. i saw you ladies on instagram. those costumes were SO FUNNY! and very befitting with the election. hahahahaha you ladies gave me a good chuckle. love these grown up table settings and decorations. they are truly exquisite. i'm a huge downton abbey fan and didn't even think of this! those would be fabulous costumes. enjoy your day ladies.


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