Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Mash Up and Giveaway Countdown!

Every single diet plan I've been on this year will officially be erased after tomorrow's feasting extravaganza. I shant complain, nor shall I give a rats booty! Here's to everyone enjoying some quality time with friends and family. And here's to me giving two thumbs down to all the people who'll ditch all that quality time, so they can be the first in line at the mall to buy a television or other electronic device that will be obsolete by next month. 
Enjoy, if you will, this mash up of some of my favorite Thanksgiving E-Cards. 

Have an amazing, blessed and safe Thanksgiving Day guys!
Debbie and I will be recovering from stuffed turkey syndrome for the remainder of this week and won't be blogging. But I'll of course pop in for a second tomorrow to announce the winner of that fabulous giveaway hosted with Jessie of Mix and Chic. Today is the last day to enter! Hurry people! Hurry!


  1. These are too funny!!! I love the kids table one....uuhhh...that would be me!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving !!!
    MC and I are enjoying the day with a new project and maybe even a mini turkey!

  3. I love the first one! Today I decided to hide and stay away from the mayhem just for that reason.


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