Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Fabric Store Exploits

I once spent an entire day at a fabric store. From open to close, the bff and I scoured the store from top to bottom for various projects and had plenty of wine with the owner, a crazy Trinidadian named Jam, who has since moved back to Trini. It was a riot. Suffice it to say, I love me a fabric store. I hadn't spent much time in fabric stores this year since most of our projects have been kitchens and baths. But in recent weeks I've had some projects that require some fabric flair so I headed to my trusted favorites.
These selections are from perhaps my very fave, Designer Discount Fabrics in Dania Beach. I've had my share of wine and some yummy baked treats here and the ladies, especially Nita and Jackie (and Julian, the one gent) know how to make their clients feel special. I can call ahead for something and have it ready. Or I can chill there for hours gathering samples for various projects and they simply let you do your thing or jump in to suggest you add just the right trim to turn a tufted chair into a showstopper. I loves this place.
Their fabric stole the show in this recent project.

This outdoor fabric from DDF now adorns the cushion on an amazing chaise I once owned, but recently sold to a client.

When the budget is squeezed, I take my talents further south to Arnolds Fabric N Trim  in North Miami. I mean, this place is bananas. I'm talking fabric that starts at $1 a yard and costs no more than $10. Suffice it to say, it's a fave among the DIY set. It's often a zoo here with men and women fighting over the latest fabric being rolled in. The only drawback here is that once it's gone, it's gone. Aint no reordering of anything so if you're unsure about how much yards you'll need for something, then just get a few extra so you're not left standing outside on the street corner wailing to your mama as you bemoan the fact that aint no more of that fabric left to finish out a chair or God forbid, a freaking outfit.

I shopped here for fabric for the Obama event Asanyah and I did earlier this year.

And this Wingback chair in my office - which I rescued from the freaking trash! - was reupholstered with fabric from Armolds that cost $2 a yard. 

That's it peeps. Now you know the story behind my fabric store jaunts frequently chronicled over on Instagram. Do you have a fabric store fave in South Florida that I need to check out? Or just a fave in your neck of the woods that you need to share with us? Holla, holla, holla!


  1. How fun to go fabric shopping with you! love that you get some to go with it. That makes everything more fun! I had never seen fabric at $1 a yard...I need to find a place like that here.

  2. That's it....the next time we hit Florida to see the din-laws, I am coming down to see you, too. We are going fabric hunting. I'll bring an empty suitcase.

    1. Can't wait. No suitcase needed lady. We'll get a $10 bag from the Flea Market across the street! I got you covered.

  3. I'm coming too! What great deals!!!

  4. Thats one thing I need to discover here. As the only one I know of is the chain store Jo-Ann fabric and their selection isn't always great. I hope when I come across one, they serve me wine too lol


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