Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Art Basel Miami Rewind

So we survived Art Basel Miami, an event that is not for the faint of heart.
Mind you, we were rather tame. I drank sparingly (had to start a new project at the crack of dawn on Saturday) but chowed down in a major way on the freebies, and then had some amazing fare at Gigi- including some corn bread with bacon butter! The chef who invented that creation should be serenaded. Everyday.
Celebrities were in full swing and sightings were chronicled all over town. The artists are from all over the world so many varied languages could be heard, and in many cases, artists couldn't communicate with patrons - except of course via their art. Money exchanging hands is however a universal language.
I did Basel this year with three amazing clients - who are also all related: Pat, Jina and Jazmine aka Jazaaaaaaaayy.
Like her mom's home, Jina's home will be a long term project for NWD and since it's her first home, I suggested we tackle Basel to help her get a feel of the kind of art she likes, and eventually would like to see throughout her home. I learned a LOT.
To begin with, there will be no naked people hanging on her walls. Folks and creatures with no heads are also not welcome. She wants nothing on them walls that will scare her in the middle of the night. Nuff said. 
The shots of these naked Parisians were quite the draw. I mean, it takes some major balls of steel to pose nude when your six pack took a vacation many moons ago. The artist Idan Wizen posted a call for folks willing to post nude for his project and received over 350 responses in a day. The French are a bold set. On Basel's first night, Wizen said he'd already sold seven prints of the naked woman. I mean, she looks like a ball of fun but um, okay.

These mini sculptures were a Jina fave. 

 Though not a fan of intensely bold colors in her art, she was drawn to this collection by Robert Langford.

Jina, Jazmine and Pat hang with the artist Tupicalo who is also a tattoo artist in high demand. He was hella fun. Gotta have many hustles in this town.

This pop art collection was a Jazmine fave.

These were among Pat's faves: vacuum, golf clubs, bottles and a propeller? Art.

This mini motorcycle is made up of some interesting parts including horns. Yes, horns.

The Korean artist Kim Young Woo, spoke no English but clearly understands that "Talk to the Hand" is a universal language. The red slippers? Too fab.
One man's art is another man's annoyance? This installation of babies as chained submissive animals was er, how do I say this? a tad disturbing.
Which explains why this station of bubbly was right next to it. Gotta have a buzz on to enjoy that one.

Yep, art hung from the ceilings. No space was left unfilled in this tent.
To our disappointment, we weren't able to attend the black artists tents/events across town. My friend Asanyah attended several events and shared some cool photos of her faves. Her head too was an art installation:


Photo: Joseph Eze Still Life with Four Branches  #ArtAfrica
Artist Joseph Eze, Still Life with Four Branches

Photo: T. Elliot local artist. #ArtAfrica
Local Artist, T. Elliot

So that's all folks. We purchased nothing (many pieces we saw and liked cost thousands of dollars). But the point was to get her thinking of her likes/dislikes and to plot how/when she'll start investing in pieces and to now visit local artists to get some affordable pieces. Let the collection begin! 


  1. Love the review.....I also love your posse. Some of this I love, and some I feel I don't understand. It is great to get out and see things, thanks for the tour.

    1. Hey lady,
      Yes, that posse is wildly entertaining. Love em. Art Basel is fun because the collections are so varied (artists from every country imaginable) but yes, there are plenty of installations that will leave you scratching your head. Trust me when I say I showed some pretty tame stuff here.

  2. Funny post as usual! I didn't tell you we made it to Overtown to Art Africa and really enjoyed many of those pieces. I took pics so I will share what I liked.

  3. Funny post as usual! I didn't tell you we made it to Overtown to Art Africa and really enjoyed many of those pieces. I took pics so I will share what I liked.

  4. Awesome pieces. First year in many that I missed it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. yay! Happy you could live vicariously through said post! It was a blast. Just wish I could have gone to all the events and drank myself into a stupor. Lordy.

  5. "To begin with, there will be no naked people hanging on her walls. Folks, creatures with no heads are also not welcome." Oh my gosh that is hilarious, I definitely laughed out loud! What a fun way to get inspiration for art in your own home. I love the pop art and pieces by T. Elliot and Joseph Eze. But the first series - of the naked Parisians, was pretty amazing too!

    1. hehe. Gurl Basel was hilarious on many levels. We definitely had plenty of LMAO moments.

  6. Great piece Niks! Next year you guys have to walk through Wynwood...but be sure to have on your sneakers and a sense of


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