Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Week In Weston - Kitchen Reveal

Sometimes, all a kitchen that's been beat down and broken needs is some good old fashioned love and affection. Thanks to some of said affection, our client Sam - a lawyer/culinary school attendee - now cooks in this kitchen. But let's see how far this kitchen has come.
I know. It's a sea of oak cabinets with my favorite design pet peeve - fake plants! The good news? The cabinets are solid wood and were in excellent condition. Since a gut job was not in the budget, this was great news. It meant that all we needed to do was paint the cabinets and add some hardware. The appliances were all stainless steel and relatively new so again, great news.

Fresh white paint on the cabinets, would make for a great contrast against the new dark hardwood floors. We added a small overhang to the island so Emerson and Noa could sit close-by to help Sam as he whips up a favorite meal. 

We replaced the old countertops with granite, and added subway tiles as the new backsplash. We wanted some fancier cabinet handles, but they were insanely pricey and in the end these simple and classic ones proved equally fab at a fraction of the cost.

We reused the faucet but updated the sink.

And added roman shades to the windows in this sunny yellow fabric.

One of the must-haves for the kitchen was a banquette area. Sam and Athalia fell in love with this one we built for the fab Ms. Jina B., and so of course Shaggy went to work customizing one to best fit the space.   

 The entire family now chills here on a regular basis. This banquette needed lots of storage for Sam's massive collection of cookbooks - over a 100 books are stored between here and the adjacent family room. 

The open shelving also boasts family mementos and photos. Athalia also wanted a mix of fun throw pillows so we grounded that with a black cushion. 

Fun wire-legged chairs are a great seating option for kids since they handle spills and crayon marks really well i.e. easily wiped off. Like the dining table, we are planning to add glass to the top of this table to protect for wear and tear i.e. spills and crayons!

Two of these hinged pendants added just the modern lighting we needed in to vanquish the memory of the past fixture. Whew. A LOT has changed in this kitchen, and nary a jack hammer in sight. Have you painted kitchen cabinets are you on team gut everything and start over? Do tell. 

PS. Happy anniversary to my amazing hubby. Three years later and he still makes me laugh out loud, all the time. Thanks for being my rock, my comedian and the best baby-daddy a girl could ask for.  

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  1. Love this! What a transformation with existing cabinets. I am in love with the granite and marble table. This is definitely a chef's kitchen. Love the pops of yellow, too. Great job.

  2. Wow. It just goes to show you, good bones, smart changes, and great designer can really make a budget go a long way. Excellent choices. You rock!

  3. Post after post I'm just blown away by your work! Each remodel is just stunning. Chic and alive with colour. And the fact that you're a fellow Jamaican just makes me even more excited to follow you. Very inspiring :)

  4. Just found you through IG! I am in live with this room!! What a true inspiration!!!!!! Love!!!! Xoxo

  5. Wow, this kitchen looks amazing!! Love the pop of color!! Ps. Happy Anniversary!!!! xx

  6. Beauty!! Alex and I just bought an old 1948 house with a "sea of knotty pine" kitchen, so this remake is an inspiration! It's so light, and I love the crisp mix of the black floors (swoon) and white walls and yellow accents!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!!!
    This is a stunner! The family is lucky to have you on board for this make-over!!! In love with the tulip table!


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