Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Pinterest Top 10 Roundup & What's on Trend for 2016



Lord help us. Another year has whizzed on by and I'm kinda scratching my head because whoa, I think the weeks/months have just gotten much shorter. Or is that the theory when you're getting older?
Anywho, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas as we did, and are all set to pop champagne tomorrow night and prepare for awesome things in 2016.
Before we hit the button on the New Year, things continued to be busy for the NWD team, a fact we remain so grateful for. Some of favorite projects as well continued to receive insane love and affection over on Pinterest. Here's a recap of our most loved pins, beginning with that seemingly timeless black and gold dining room above, and what's on trend in the design world for 2016. Enjoy. 

Target Wedding Registry - Be Yourself, Together - a bar cart - the gift that keeps giving:




Love this entryway . . . get pop of color! Wish I had the discipline to go mainly white, black, and gray so the red could be a pop of color.    Source: LiveLaughDecorate: April 2012:

LiveLaughDecorate: A City Girl's Retreat - The Master Bedroom:

via LiveLaughDecorate:

Bold geometric tile continues to be on trend for bathrooms, all shades of grays will be the new neutral, metallic wallpaper just won't relinquish the crown on its comeback, and while Rose Quartz and Serenity are the predicted Pantone Colors of the Year 2016, modern gender-neutral nurseries continue to prove that pink and blue for nursery decor, just aren't the only colors that can soothe a babies soul. 
We're already on team bold geometric tile for an ongoing project, and can't wait to try some of these other trends. What trend do you think you'll try in 2016?  


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  1. We are in our temp quarters until we get that awaited phone call that Shell Point has an available unit!!!
    Now.....Gold and black.....What could be better!!!
    Happy New Year


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