Monday, December 4, 2017

A Grown, Glam and Gorgeous Living And Dining Room

Our client's pup Marshi steals the show. 

Not all design projects are as smooth and seamless as they appear on HGTV. Sometimes we butt heads with our clients, curse them under our breath then sip lots of wine because we know our design mission is for the greater good!
This project was one of those. Our dear client Deon had suffered through the loss of a husband, had raised two kids on her own and had been diligent enough to see them both off to college. She was also a newlywed, and the love between her and new hubby Hector was so palpable it made the newly divorced me believe again in happy ever after.
But Deon admittedly had some control issue and so, as much as she’d admired our design work, she wasn’t about to let us just have our own way. Oh no ma’am!

This is where we started. An outdated design that definitely needed some glam to represent the new Deon.
We had a lot to do. Install new floors, paint, update lighting, all furnishings, window treatments and accessories.
It didn’t help that almost every single item in our approved design plan went into months long back order status causing multiple meltdowns for everyone.
The most heartbreaking was the loss of these accent chairs the corner stone of our original design. But as we always do, we rallied for equally fabulous options and decided on these stunning swivel chairs.

Swivel chairs? Oh no ma’am! Not happening said Miss Deon. Not elegant enough, not fab enough and just not gonna happen. Who the hell wants to swivel in a formal living room she asked?
This is when I️ in turn had a designer diva moment and declared that said chairs were happening because they are fabulous as all hell, and because we are NWD and she’d better learn to trust me on this or we would need to break up. End of story.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these pleated swivel chairs made Miss Deon cry a mountain of tears on reveal day, and issue an apology - which we have on tape just in case she ever needs a reminder!Anyway, we are now dear friends and I’m allowed to sit in the chairs and swivel, even with a glass of red wine. The end. PSA: Trust your designers!

Deon and Hector honeymooned in Paris so these Parisian vignettes were a tender nod to that memory. And because we'll never tire of nailhead details on a sofa.  

A bold black and white rug is a contrast for a room filled with soft neutrals. A round coffee table is always a great way to balance the straight edges of a sofa and end tables. 

We of course extended the glam to the dining room with a table that seats up to 8, and a showstopper of a chandelier that took me forever to help install because of those pesky links but boy is she a beauty. 

And to the entryway because, of course!

Even the stairway got a budget-friendly makeover with the best design weapon ever - paint. I still can't believe how many of our IG followers were impressed with this simple update. 

Huge hugs and love to Deon and her family for allowing us into her humble abode to create the glamorous pad she'd long desired. Cheers to new memories and to always trusting your designers! Stay tuned for their kitchen reveal. It's kinda major. 

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