Friday, August 31, 2018

My Designer's Crush Series - Black and Brass

It's been the year of black and brass for us and we can't say we're mad at that. 
Here's a recap of how much love we've showed these finishes this year, along with loads of links for you to finally shop!

Brass pendant lights have truly become the new lighting bling for kitchens.
Mix a few for an unexpected but dramatic cluster.  

Or go with two oversized pendants instead of the usual 3 light configuration. 

Shop our brass pendant looks here  and here 

But lord if our hearts haven't skipped some major beats with all the bodaciously black and brass tile options that have flooded the tile streets!

Shop our black and brass tile looks here and here

Not to be outdone are the faucets and pot fillers of the world. I was also surprised that so many followers had never heard of a pot filler - a faucet installed directly above your stove so you can fill your pots with water without shuttling back and forth to the sink - yes they are a thing!

Shop our faucet and pot filler looks here  here  here and here 

Every kitchen needs those finishing touches, the jewelry if you will of the kitchen, and we've definitely had some fun with our cabinet hardware this year. 

Shop our cabinet hardware looks here and here 

And last but not least, let's have several seats and pay homage to these counter height stools (not to be confused with bar height stools used for taller islands/peninsulas). These stools have been the items you've requested the most details on in our comments and DMs.

From brass with black leather to wood and pink! 

Yes pink, we've had some major fun this year with helping our clients sit in style. 

 And that's all folks. Go forth and shop the looks here, here and here 
And have a wonderful and safe Labor Day Weekend. 

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