Sunday, September 9, 2018

Operation Suite Dreams

Lord, clients should know better than to call me for a simple thing. 
You know like, "Hey Nicole, can you help me expand my closet?"
Because for me, that means, hmmm lemme see what's really wrong with this entire floorplan and get it all the way together, including your closet. 
And that's kinda what happened with this project, home of our dear client/friend Heidi. We remodeled Heidi's master bathroom two years ago and gave new meaning to how to use an old sewing machine.  
This time around she called in desperate need of a closet expansion as her bedroom and guest room were bursting at the seams with her clothing and shoes collection.

Emphasis on bursting. 

We needed to tackle her real problem: making better use of all the rooms she had. 

The front guest bedroom was just being used as extra storage. So we decided to convert that to her office which would then allow us to expand her bedroom by taking over the adjacent office.

Standing outside the old office and my face saying, umm you know I'm about to rip this all apart and make it so much better right?

The old entry to the master bedroom was closed off and is now where the new closet is located. 

When two rooms become one! 
And the demolition begins. 

Heidi is a pretty eclectic client so our designs often take shape over many many months as we curate just the right item that suits her whimsical taste. 
And without further ado, here's how things are looking these days. 

A spacious closet, the reason for this entire project, is now sitting pretty behind this barn door. 

That chandelier. That wallpaper. That bed. That nightstand. Those pink curtains.  Love. Them. All. 

 There was lots of swooning over this wallpaper on installation day. 

 This headboard too is a curvaceous hot mama!

This nightstand has loads of storage for Heidi's personal items and enough room for her books and other special mementos.

We did not want a matching nightstand, so this end table with an extra shelf, was perfect for her expansive book collection. 

Heidi scored this makeup vanity from a dealer in Virginia who drove it on down to Florida where she now sits pretty by a window overlooking the pool. 

Heidi's three dogs are her trusted companions and kinda stake their claim to various areas of the new suite.

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