Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach Lovin Summer

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin' by pretty-little-things featuring sole society

It's 10,000 degrees in Miami, which means we are ever so slowly just melting away. But it also means it's time to hit the beach on the regular; time to slip into some of our sexiest outfits ever, to maintain a fly pedicure to rock the cutest sandals (p.s. I do talk about people who rock sandals with crusty feet so do tighten up with that please?) Anyways, here are some stylish rooms that definitely say summer fun, summer lovin. 

                                                                       Source: via Marcela on Pinterest


I would give anything to spend at least a day on that pink and yellow cottage and I'd definitely pause for a few minutes to drool over that that turquoise table in that very summer chic entryway. What's your fave?  

I logged into my blogger account this morning and NONE of my blog reads were available. Zero. What the flacka? Maybe I got the pre-July 1 eviction notice from Google? Has anyone else experienced this? Lemme know. 
Anywho, since clearly the Google reader service is no more, please be sure to follow us over on Bloglovin so you can see what we're up to each week and vice versa.
* My account had not had enough Redbull this morning when I posted. My reading list is back. Sweet. 

Happy Hump Day!  


  1. Your reads should stay the same. That's not what is going away. The Google Reader is a separate area. Mine are still there, just checked. Loving this beachy vibe,but don't want to hear about Florida is scaring me :)

  2. Mine are there, too. but some days my whole browser is screwy. I love that orange maxi with that necklace! You'll look like a million more bucks than you already do in that outfit!
    xo Nancy

  3. First time commenting but love your first few pics -- so summery. I'm a new blogger and keeping my fingers crossed I get over this hurdle but I love your blog... its Miami hot up here in Philadelphia. I feel your pain!!

  4. It's almost 10,000 degrees here in Hotatlanta! That last picture was the perfect inspiration I needed for a project!!!


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