Monday, November 26, 2018

The Mother of All Master Bathroom Renovations

This year we tackled one of the largest master bathroom renovations we've ever done. It involved incorporating two walk in closets that were no longer in use since our clients had converted a bonus room into the walk in closet of everyone's dreams. Oh lord, that closet envy is soooooo real but I digress. 
This was for our longtime clients Athalia and Sam, whose home (with the exception of all the bathrooms) we renovated and designed five years ago as you can see here, here, here, here and here.   
To make sense of the entire master bathroom space, which now included the bonus of the two closets, we would relocate everything including the shower, toilet, two separate vanities to one double vanity and a tub.
Here's where we started: 

Original floorplan of the master bathroom 

This is the master bathroom as listed when our clients purchased their home. And our our proposed new layout/design. So thankful they saw beyond all the fake foliage and knew the bathroom could one day be a star. 

And hallelujah she's now quite the star. Here's the new layout. The small vanity was removed and a custom makeup vanity created which also includes a clothes hamper on the right. A new tub was installed directly below the window and no longer angled because those angled tubs seriously drive me insane. #sorrynotsorry

A panoramic view on demo day as we removed the tub and vanities and opened up the closet walls.

The details on this vanity! You cannot believe how much we agonized over the hardware. This is why we drink so much wine. 

 The custom vanity was inspired by the double vanity on the opposite side of this mega retreat. Let's check that out shall we? 

The Shagreen leather beauty, with it's brass details, inspired our lighting and mirror choices. 

We balanced all the brass with black vanity, tub and shower faucets. 

And black towel hardware. 

But let's really talk about this shower!!!!

I mean, holy yikes! I've stared at this shower for minutes on end because she is such a beauty. This black and white tile was a huge splurge but added so much badassery (yes, I made that word up) to this shower that it was so worth it. There's more saga about this tile below as well. 

We love a niche or two for all your shower essentials. 

Photos by Gloribell Lebron 

We added a black frame around our shower glass for added support with a 24' black towel bar instead of a traditional smaller handle for both style and function.  

A renovation like this is always a doozy. We chronicled most of the behind the scenes saga on our IG stories but here's a quickie recap:
  • The original Kelly Wearstler via Ann Sacks tile we chose would take months in production so at the 11th hour we switched to this. But when it arrived, it was a very bold green, not as subtle as the sample we received. This was a special order and something we would have been forced to live with, but after a few meetings, the amazing team at Ann Sacks agreed to switch it to the Noir Blend. This was a great gesture and one we won't forget from a vendor who did not have to, but it speaks volumes about their commitment to great customer service. 
  • Dump fees are the true winners of construction: we hauled 3 loads here. That's a lot for a single bathroom but keep in mind everything was gutted. 
  • Our original tub spout was too short. Sigh. But dammit if this longer spout isn't as sexy as can be. 
  • That fabulous makeup vanity bench slipped into back order. We scrambled for a replacement but nothing wowed us. Our client thankfully agreed to wait on the original bench and bwoy was she worth the wait. She's a stunner. 
  • We ended our relationship with one of our main tile installers after this project. It looks amazing, but we had to fight/argue in English and Spanish to get the quality of work we expect at this level and what our clients deserve and that should never be. Finding trades, who care about quality over the quantity of their work in this business, is a constant challenge and one we struggle with constantly behind the scenes but rarely discuss on social media. I've learned in business, and my personal life, that I can love you but let you go. It may take me a while, but it'll happen. Long-term shenanigans just aren't good for the soul. So on that note, if you know of any great tile installers, who truly value their craft, please message me their info.  

And there you have it folks. Definitely one of our favorite projects of all time and for clients who have always trusted me to do my thing. We'll gut the remaining two bathrooms next year but on a much tighter budget :) We can't wait to hear from you so post a comment below, and be sure to check out our design services so we can transform your space for 2019. 
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